Fixed extinguishing system based on water – sprinkler is automatic extinguishing system, which consists of a piping web permanently attached to the building structure, valve station(control valve), armatures and sprinkler warheads, which are in protected fire sections firmly attached to piping.

Piping web with sprinkler warheads is attached to permanent water source. Sprinkler warhead at the so-called „opening temperature“ automatically opens (burst under heat), which is leading to drop in pressure in piping, subsequently open control valve at valve station and then putting the sprinkler system into action. Immediately after opening the warhead occurs burst water. Putting into action is only the warhead (or several warheads), which reach the opening temperature. This are a warheads, which are above heart of fire or in its vicinity.

Fixed extinguishing system is used for slaking materials (possibly equipment) where can be used water as extinguishing medium. Advantage of water is large measuring heat of vaporisation, large measuring heat capacity, availability, low price and neutrality. Slake by water based on intensive cooling effect, with which reaches lowering the temperature of the slaked material under temperature of burning. It also releases the resulting steam to the area, which crowd out atmospheric oxygen from fire area, which is necessary for burning. Water drops gets into fire by impact of the water stream on sprinkler deflector, whereby with sufficient energy they penetrate over the combustion products to the surface of slaked material.

High efficiency of sprinkler fixed extinguishing system is given by the fact that the fire is liquidated in the first phase of its development.