Fixed extingiushing systems

Stable extinguishing equipment permanently incorporated into buildings and technology. You shall ensure permanent and efficient active protection of property and health of persons, protection against fires. Selection of the optimal solution would propose our design team on the basis of your requirements, the requirements of the generally serious regulations, and according to the nature of the protected object and its amenities. For the selection are different extinguishing agents and methods of extinguishing thereof.

Fixed extinguishing system based on water – sprinkler is automatic extinguishing system, which consists of a piping web permanently attached to the building structure, valve station(control valve), armatures and sprinkler warheads, which are in protected fire sections firmly attached to piping.

It is a volume extinguishing and gas get into entire volume of the room and also into small and inaccessible places. It is able to extinguish a fire even in places where other methods are failing.

Foam fixed extingiushig system used air foam for extinguishing, which is produced by aeration of the foaming solution made of water and foamer, when quantity of admixed air determines the type of foam of heavy, medium and light foam.

Water mist used for extinguishing microscopic water droplets created at high pressure through special nozzles, thereby crowds out and absorbs harmful combustion products and cools the surrounding air.