Elektrical fire alarm is very important part of complex protection of estate and human health. The timely and reliable detection of fire in all its forms ( smoldering, zadymenie, flame ) will reduce potential damages resp. financial costs for remedy on the half, but what is the most important it is able to avoid unnecessary threat to human or workers health.

Our company offers consultancy in the field of fire protection systems, projection, delivery, installation and complete warranty and customer service for electrical fire alarm systems from renowned foreign manufacturer Schrack Seconet from Austria. We also cooperate with other manufacturers of electiral fire alarm systems on the market and we supply in addition to the said system SCHRACK SECONET also systems from other manufacturers.

All systems SCHRACK SECONET are developed and manufactured in Austria and conform to the latest standards (VdS, EN, STN, requirements of fire departments and certification authorities) and latest knowledge in the branches of science concerned with the protection against fire.

Full redundant.

The role of electriacal fire alarm system is to detect the fire at the earliest possible time, permanent control of all observed object and respond to any change. Good electrical fire alarm system never shouldn't disappoint you by outage. For this reason SCHRACK SECONET BMZ Integral system is redundant for 100%, and as the only provides a guarantee of full functionality. It means that in one fire alarm control panel are placed two separate systems independent of each other. If in active half occurs an error, the system will automatically switch to the intact side. All functions of the overall system remain unlimited and fully available.

System AirSCREEN

Performs perfect fire detection and represents yet technically un-surpassed fire protection. Uniquely developed sensor permanently receives samples of surrounding air and examines them for the presence of smoke particles, while are quickly and reliably detected even the smallest smoldering fires. The spectrum of sensitivity of measurement can be set individually. The detector is able to detect the concentration of smoke aerosols, which man in no case does not discern - in adjustable range from 0.02 to 10 percent of smoke concentration for meter. System with all of its properties, instruments and accessories meet the requirements of EN 54-20 class A, B, C and of related European standards and for system are issued the necessary certificates. (CPD, VdS ) in which was confirmed that the system ensures the highest level for the timely detection of fires. The system is proposed by using specialized software which ensures quality and effectiveness of the proposal. The proposal contains 3D drawing of piping and setting of the optimal configuration.

The system not only monitor the surroundings but also itself and the system have so-called teach time, it means that after installation is carried out trial operation. During it it is recorded the background level in order to find the optimal setting of sensitivity for ensuring forming a dynamic compensation of temperature and pollution. At the same time always detects changes in environmental conditions and can be perfectly adapted. The system not only detect the concentration of smoke in the air but also damages or blockages of pipes in the system. It is possible to configure the system on the day / night regime this mean when the service is in the room or the service is not in the vicinity. The unit of measurement is especially stable and offers optimal properties for light, dark, small and large smoke particles, to nothing has been left on chance every particle is measured twice. The patented electronic filter ensures elimination of particles which not belong of smoke.